Life can change in a moment. It did for me.

Dr. Saray Stancic is a Lifestyle Medicine physician and founder of Stancic Health and Wellness. She received her M.D. degree from New Jersey Medical School and is board-certified in Infectious Diseases. Previously, she served as Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Hudson Valley Veterans Administration Hospital. She has authored several research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Her interest in Lifestyle Medicine evolved from her 20 plus year battle with multiple sclerosis. She is currently producing a documentary film, code blue: redefining American medicine, spotlighting the practice of Lifestyle Medicine in the prevention, treatment, and management of chronic illnesses.

Stancic Health and Wellness 
300B Lake Street

Suite 6
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Internal Medicine,

Phone: 201 615 6030


Twitter: @stancicMD Instagram @drstancic
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