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In the twenty-first century, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity have become the most prevalent health issues in the United States. Our current healthcare system seeks to treat a disease after it has been diagnosed, rather than prevent and/or reverse it. A thorough analysis of the meteoritic rise in chronic disease proves a direct correlation between these diseases and an individual’s food and lifestyle choices. The rise in the production and consumption of processed food is the root cause for the increase in the rates of chronic disease. A whole food plant based diet, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, has shown to prevent chronic disease and it’s symptoms. By simply cutting meats, dairy, and processed foods from one's diet, the chances of leading a healthy lifestyle increase exponentially.


The doctors in the following page are lifestyle physicans who focus on the benefits of the whole food plant based diet. Each of these physicians has over a decade of experience treating patients with chronic disease in a non-traditional way, and have all been successful in aiding the fight against chronic disease.

Chronic Disease

In today's society, the three deadliest chronic diseases are heart disease, cancer, diabetes. Each affects over millions of people annually, and unfortunately, at this point in time, being diagnosed with cancer or heart disease is almost like getting slapped with a death sentence. Millions of dollars have been invested in research purposes to find a cure, but minimal progress has been made in mainstream medicine. Lifestyle medicine and the whole food plant based diet offer a proven alternative to preventing and reversing the deadliest of chronic diseases.